How To Improve Your Order Processing Speed?

Hello everyone, due to the impact of the global epidemic situation in 2021, the production and transportation speed of our cosplay costumes has been greatly impacted. I personally think it is necessary to tell you something that everyone cares about: how to make your order placed in simcosplay be processed and shipped faster.

1: If you have alternative shoes, please try not to choose accompanying shoes. Shoes are different from clothing. Clothing can be made faster by arranging more tailors or human resources. However, the manufacturing process of the shoe determines that it needs a bonding process. In order to ensure the firmness and durability of the shoes, we cannot shorten this time by manpower. So, if you have alternative shoes, you can consider choosing full set without shoes/boots.

2: Check your delivery address information as much as possible when placing an order to ensure that your goods can be delivered correctly. At the peak of Halloween, the logistics and delivery personnel are under great pressure. If your address is wrong, it is likely to cause delays in the delivery of your order.

3: Try to choose our ready to ship costumes. Ready to ship costumes are costumes that we prepared in advance based on the most popular styles this year. These costumes can be submitted to the corresponding logistics company within 24 hours after the order is placed (working hours, Monday to Saturday, September-October before Halloween). In this way, you can save time in making clothes. However, due to the complexity of the garment process and high labor costs, the inventory of ready to ship costumes is limited. After a certain style is sold out, we will remove the ready to ship costume. If you have special requirements for the arrival time, please consider trying our ready to ship costumes.

Our tailors are working hard to ensure that your orders arrive on time. However, I also hope that you can give us more patience and tolerance for simcosplay. Affected by the epidemic, we will do our best to serve you.