FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Shopping and Shipping

Q1: How long does it take to receive the costumes?

A1: When we receive your payment, Your orders will be dealt with within 24 hours. click here to see the shipping methods.

Q2: How can I choose the size that suits me?

A2: On each of our product pages, there will be a size chart with a standard size. What needs to be stated is that our sizes are designed according to the normal standard body size. No intention to offend, if you are too fat, please try our tailor-made.

The first thing you need to confirm is your height. Height is your most important parameter. Then after selecting the height, you can use other measurements(bust, waist, hips) to determine the size you should.

Q3: My height, bust, waist, and hip are suitable for several different standard sizes. What should I do?

A3: Example: Suppose your height is suitable for XL, but bust is for L, waist is for S, and hip is for M. Then I recommend you choose our tailor-made. We have a sample help on each product page that you can use to understand what parameters we need.

Q4: The standard size of the product I bought is not suitable for me. Can I change other sizes?

A4: For standard size products, we can replace other sizes of products within one week after receiving the goods. However, you will need to return the original. If it is our error that make you have received a wrong size goods. We will bear the freight. Otherwise, you will bear the freight.

For custom-sized products, you need to use a ruler to take measurements pictures to inform us of the wrong size. We can re-customize for you for free after verification. If the size you gave is wrong when placing your order, causing us to make the garment wrongly, you will have to bear the cost of re-customizing the wrong part.

For more about return/exchange policy: https://www.simcosplay.com/returns-refunds.html

Q5: How can I contact simcosplay?

A4: You can get contact with us by mail service@simcosplay.com and our staff will reply to you in working days. However, facebook is also a good place to have a talk with us in working days.

Q6: Do you offer discounts or discount coupons?

A6: Of course, you can get discount coupons by following and like our facebook page and instagram page. You can contact our customer service staff after like us, we will be happy to offer you a coupon.

Q7: What kind of courier do you use to transport my goods?

A7: For the US market, we work with DHL and UPS. We generally prefer to use DHL or UPS to transport your goods. In the event of an emergency, DHL or UPS will not be delivered, we will forward your goods to other commercial couriers.

For non-US customers, we will consult with our commercial courier companies who work with us to confirm the delivery rate in the region. Then transfer your goods to the fastest speed and highest delivery rate company for shipment.

For more about shipping method: https://www.simcosplay.com/shipping-method

Q8: I don't know how to measure, can you help me?

A8: Here is the guide that can help you more.https://www.simcosplay.com/guide-for-order

Q9: Why my order status shows in processing?

A9: Here is the processing steps for our cosplay costumes: https://www.simcosplay.com/processing-steps

Q10: What is the ready to ship?

A10: Ready to ship means this costumes are completed and can be deliver to shipping company in 24-48 working hours. If you are very hurry and want get it as soon as possible, you can view our ready to ship costumes. We will produce some very popular costumes in the ready to ship classification when the tailor is idle.

Q10: What is Starter Edition?

A10: In order to let more people enjoy the joy of cosplay with low cost and budget, our simcosplay design department has redesigned some of the most popular costumes.

Fabric part: To be honest, we simplified some design elements and tried to restore the design purpose with less cost. To ensure that you can get a more affordable price (compared to our hardcore version).

Design part: Some design elements will be simplified and replaced by printing. However, we will still try our best to restore the design image.

Duration: Compared to our hardcore version. The production cycle of the starter version will be further reduced, and you can receive the goods faster.


About Returns and Exchanges

A: What's your return policy or exchange policy?
Q: you can click here to see more: https://www.simcosplay.com/returns-refunds.html

About Security & Privacy
Q: Do you have a security guarantee?
A: Absolutely. We take your business seriously and will use every precaution necessary to ensure that your shopping experience is safe and exciting! We use the best technology available, Secure Socket Layer encrypting, to keep your private information and credit card information as secure as possible.