2023 SimCosplay Cosplay Costume Order Tips

Hello everyone, this is Bruce. On behalf of all the staff at SimCosplay, I want to express our gratitude for your ongoing assistance and support for SimCosplay!


In order to better serve you during Halloween and considering the unique nature of cosplay costumes, I believe it's necessary to provide you with some tips on how to order cosplay costumes and expedite the process of receiving your outfits.


1: Tailor-made/custom size:


For custom sizes, this involves collaboration between our design, tailoring, and customer service departments, often requiring the most processing time among all our products or services. Typically, after you place an order, our design department creates a 3D model based on the size information you provide. They use their over 10 years of design experience to identify any unreasonable or incorrect aspects in the 3D model, which are then communicated by the customer service department. Finally, the tailoring department handles the cutting and production of various components. If you plan to order a custom-sized costume for Halloween, we strongly recommend considering placing your order soon (we will temporarily suspend custom size services after September 25th to prevent order delays and resume after November 1st).


Read this guide to understand what parameters we need to customize



2: Full set with shoes or full set without shoes?


If you're in urgent need of a costume, choosing a full set without shoes/boots would be a great way to expedite your order production. Our costumes are handcrafted by tailors, and for popular styles, we prepare pre-made accessories and components in advance. However, due to the complexity of shoe sizes and the aspects of shoemaking that cannot be expedited by manpower, shoe production has a fixed timeline. Opting for a full set without shoes/boots would help avoid delays caused by footwear.


3: Basic shipping / Standard shipping / Rush shipping


We offer basic shipping for our bodysuit series, but to ensure secure transportation of your goods during Halloween, we will temporarily suspend basic shipping services after September 1st. Standard shipping / rush shipping services will be provided by top-tier logistics companies we've long collaborated with, such as DHL/UPS/FEDEX. You can also track shipping information on our order tracking page.


Our shipping method and processing tips:



4: Ready to ship costumes


For popular styles, we have ready to ship costumes that are already made and awaiting shipment. However, these are limited in quantity. If you have ample time and a clear plan for ordering cosplay costumes well in advance, we would recommend not ordering ready to ship costumes. We want to reserve these products for more urgent customers.


To see the ready to ship costumes: 




5: Our working hours


Just like in previous times, all SimCosplay staff will be working at full capacity after September 1st. We will compress our rest time in September and October to better serve you. Additionally, I have decided to grant our staff more vacation time from November through the Christmas period to thank them for their dedication during this time.


On behalf of all the staff at SimCosplay, I want to express our thanks once again for your ongoing assistance and support. We hope you have a joyful Halloween!