2022 Halloween Orders Deadline And Q&A

Hi everyone, This is Bruce.

Thanks for your long-term support and help. The Halloween is coming this year. Simcosplay also ushered in a very busy time. Our service is not perfect, but we will continue to improve our workflow to provide better services for you.

We understand your feelings very much. Everyone is looking forward to receiving your favorite cosplay costumes before Halloween. So we will make the following notice according to the experience of previous years and the actual situation of this year.

From now on, we will update our website every day according to the actual product complexity. When you see that the website product page is marked as ‘this product cannot be delivered before Halloween’. Please place your order with caution.

Q1: I’m sure that I did not see this mark when I placed the order. Is my order unable to be processed?

A1: Please don’t worry. Our system background records the time when all products are updated. The orders placed before the mark update time will be processed normally. We recommend that customers who have not placed an order carefully consider after seeing the marks.

Q2: When is the order deadline by Halloween of Simcosplay?

A2: We plan to stop accepting ALL COSTUMES orders for Halloween on October 15, 2022. But the actual situation will fluctuate. We will consider whether to end one day earlier according to the actual situation.

Q3: What is the logistics currently used by Simcosplay?

A3: At present, we will transport packages according to the best commercial express delivery in the following days. For example, DHL, UPS, USPS, FEDEX and so on. If your country cannot provide more alternative logistics methods, we will give priority to the logistics routes suitable for your country. And we will start to upgrade all orders to rush shipping for free in the middle of October.

Q4: I don't need to deliver it before Halloween. Can I place an order now?

A4: Of course you can. We will make your orders normally according to the order time sequence. Our customer service will also contact you to confirm whether you can accept delivery after Halloween.

The 2022 Halloween is coming. On behalf of all the staff of Simcosplay, I wish you all have a happy Halloween.

Thank you again!