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The Halloween by 2022 is coming. I hope that Simcosplay can continue to provide you with high-quality services. So, to make a long story short, we have seen many excellent film works in the first half of 2022. This provides a very good cosplay idea for the majority of fans. Let's take a look at these excellent works and we will tell you how to find them on Simcosplay.


Homelander - The strongest and the worst super villain.


Homelander The Seven Cosplay Costume The Boys S1 Costume Top Level

Cosplay By simcosplay users

Suit By SimCosplay


The boys S3 was hugely popular when it was shown this year. The last character with a charming villain charm is Joker from batman. There is a further developed by the story of Homelander in the boys s3. We start to know more of the character's backstory from the TV play. As well as introducing a more important new character - Soldier Boy. Homelander, charming and uniquely charismatic villain, it is definitely one of the top cosplay ideas to consider for Halloween 2022.

 the boys homelander cosplay costumes

You can find the classic Homelander costume with cloak on Simcosplay's website. The costume we will use elastic fabric. And the eagle head shape on the shoulders has been reshaped using EVA material. For those classic Homelander red boots, we also use the corresponding thick and durable red leather. To be honest, we designed this costume since The boys S1 was shown. After several years of improvement, the current design is very mature. We highly recommend you to try this cosplay costume for Halloween 2022. More The boys Cosplay.

The Boys S3 Soldier Boy Cosplay Costumes Halloween Cosplay Suit V2


Batman - Completely different, which efreshing us.


The Batman 2021 Cosplay Costumes Leather Batsuit For Halloween Superhero Cosplay

Cosplay By: foggyknight14

Suit By SimCosplay

The Batman Robert Pattinson, the film has been delayed until 2022 after it was announced in 2021. There is lots of fans are looking forward to see it. Can this Batman re-created by the protagonist of Twilight Saga surpass its predecessor and refresh many fans' impressions of Batman? The answer is yes! All the waiting is worth it! We see a refreshing Batman in this movie. At the same time, we also really liked the Batman image presented in this movie. Of course, if you need a different Batman cosplay for your Halloween. Simcosplay has prepared various styles of Batman cosplay costumes for you. This year, we believe that there is always one style suitable for you from the Dark Knight to the Batman and suit designed from retro stretch jumpsuit to intricate full armor accessories. More Batman cosplay.

the batman 2022 cosplay costumes


The Scarlet Witch Wanda - Charming Witch


Wanda Cosplay Costume 2021 WandaVision New Scarlet Witch Suit New

Cosplay By:  faerie_blossom

Suit By SimCosplay

After the end of the popular Wandavision from the end of 2021, this charismatic witch attracts more and more fans time and time again with her powerful magic. In this year's Doctor Strange 2 movie, we once again saw the wonderful performance of this super popular heroine. The Scarlet Witch is a great option for female users. Her story, her love, her unparalleled ability, all give us a stronger female image. Our Simcosplay designers love her beyond our imagination. We are surprised that the designer has designed more than 5 different cosplay costumes for her. You can find them here. At the same time, in order to reduce your expenses, we have wig options for all of our scarlet witch costumes. If you choose a wig with your placing order, you will get all the accessories you need for cosplay scarlet witch at a very affordable price. More Scarlet Witch Cosplay.

 Wanda Cosplay Costume 2021 WandaVision New Scarlet Witch Suit New

Spiderman - Be your friendly neighbor superhero.


Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker Cosplay Costumes Deluxe Ver.2

Cosplay By: alangarciareal

Suit By SimCosplay

As the most famous neighbor in the world, Spiderman's charm is no one can compare. The Spiderman No Way Home movie in 2022 will be re-edited and re-released. You may have missed the release of last year's no way home movie, but don't miss this year's rerun. This is a superhero movie best enjoyed in a cinema. As is tradition, peter will get a new spider suit in a new Spiderman movie. This time is no exception. In the No Way Home Peter has a completely new Spiderman suit in black and gold colors. And in the known ending screen, we see another set of new Spiderman suits with blue and red colors. There is speculation that the spider suit shown in the ending may be the spider suit in the next new game. Of course, it's not just these two pieces, you can find more in the sim cosplay's Spiderman feature.


The Spiderman make with a super-elastic and super-thin spandex material here. In order to give users a better experience, we investigated our user experience. So we design and make silicone half face shell as an add-on option to Spiderman suits. This silicone half mask allows users to get a good shaping effect and an excellent breathing experience after wearing it. We highly recommend that you purchase this accessory when placing an order. More Spiderman cosplay.

 Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker Cosplay Costumes Deluxe Ver.2

At the ending:


The global situation will be somewhat special in 2022. We hope you who read this article remain optimistic. We love cosplay and love life more. We hope the existence of Simcosplay can make you enjoy your Halloween.


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