2021 Halloween SimCosplay Cosplay Costumes Shopping Guide

Hello, this is Bruce.

To make Halloween shopping easier. We feel it is necessary to make a detailed explanation to help you. We have made some adjustments based on past experience, and we hope you will get better service in this special year.

1: We will adjust our tailor-made size fee on September 15th: We will adjust the additional fee from 15 USD to 30 USD. Since tailor-made size requires the collaboration of tailors, designers, and customer service personnel, it requires more manpower and time than standard-size products. If you need tailor-made service, we recommend that you place the order before September 15. Meanwhile, we will no longer accept tailor-made orders after September 20, so as not to affect your Halloween use.

2: After September 20th, we will no longer offer the option of adding foot pads to all of our spandex suits(such as Spider-man, etc.). Because the foot pad option will add extra processing time that cannot be compressed. In order to avoid delays in your Halloween order, we have to make this decision. If you need the foot pad option, we recommend that you place the order before September 20.

3: From the end of September to the beginning of October, we will mark some styles (super-complex styles that require a lot of manpower or long-time production cycle)as unable to be delivered before Halloween. The specific announcement date will be notified in advance. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.

4: We are actively preparing the ready to ship costumes inventory. And we will update the ready to ship costumes after September 20 to meet your urgent orders for Halloween.

PS: Due to the impact of the global epidemic and changes in logistics trends, if you need cosplay costumes for Halloween, I personally recommend that you plan ahead or place an order in advance to allow more time. This is not a marketing strategy or advertising discourse to increase our orders. I personally don't want to use this method to increase our sales. On behalf of all simcosplay employees, I hope that everyone can receive satisfactory and high-quality services.

2021 Halloween SimCosplay Cosplay Costumes Shopping Guide