2021 Best Halloween Cosplay Ideas

With Halloween, just a few months away don’t get surprised to see that geeky-looking guy purchasing red spandex pants at the costume store. Halloween is not just for kids, but for everyone to dress up and have fun.


The essence of Halloween lies in dressing up as whatever you want. But if you are a cosplayer you would want to dress up as your favourite character.


In case, you didn’t realise it yet, cosplay is a part of Halloween. The only difference is that Halloween happens just once a year, whereas cosplay takes place all-round the year.


Halloween seems like the perfect occasion to dress up as your favourite superhero, anime character, or celebrity. If you are excited to find the best Halloween cosplay ideas for Halloween month, you are in the right place. Now let’s talk about cosplaying on Halloween.


How cosplay is taking Halloween to the next level?

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Cosplay Costumes By samsyndulla

Cosplay by samsyndulla; Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

Halloween is a festival for kids and adults that are celebrated every year on October 31st. On this special occasion, people dress up the way they want and go out to “trick or treat” their neighbours, friends, and family.


Halloween allows you to dress up as whatever you like. You can dress up as a cartoon, anime character, superhero, ghost, or anything you like. But it is just a one-day thing that happens every year.


Now think about Halloween costumes but all year-round. Well, that’s what cosplay is. Just like Halloween, cosplayers dress up in different costumes to copy the look of their favourite character which could be from a superhero movie, cartoon, anime, etc.


Cosplay events are organised throughout the year. They also have cosplay competitions where cosplayers compete against each other.


Cosplay is considered to be a part of Halloween. Cosplayers take the opportunity to dress up as a concept or character. Sometimes they may even go beyond just copying their character’s outfits, they might role-play as characters. What we mean is that they can also copy their gestures and mannerisms.


With the growing popularity of cosplays, it has become an indispensable Halloween activity. One of the biggest inspirations of cosplayers comes from superhero movies and TV series. We will be discussing this in detail in the upcoming section.


Superhero TV Series & Movies for Cosplay Ideas

Captain America The Falcon Cosplay by itstyreek

Cosplay by itstyreek; Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

We live in the golden age of superhero movies and TV series. Every year, they release dozens of new superhero content that inspires cosplayers to dress up as their favourite character or concept.


Cosplay enables people to fulfil their wish of dressing up as their favourite on-screen character. They gather costumes, weapons, and accessories to copy the look of their favourite superhero. Not every superhero character has a ready-made costume available. In most cases, cosplayers design their costumes. They take inspiration from the on-screen superhero look and recreate the look in real life.


True cosplayers tend to copy every detail so that they can mirror their heroes. This is especially when they are going to participate in a cosplay competition.


Best Superhero Halloween 2021 Cosplay Ideas


When it comes to dressing up as superheroes, most people take inspiration from the movie Avengers. Some of the classic cosplay ideas from Avengers are Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange. Since the time the Avengers movie series have been released, many cosplayers want to dress up as their favourite on-screen superhero.


Standing in 2021, we have more superhero TV series and movies to get inspired from. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the best 2021 superhero cosplay ideas to rock your Halloween. So without wasting time, let’s get into the details.


  • 2021 TV WandaVision: Scarlet Witch Wanda

Wanda cosplay by florenciasofen

Cosplay by florenciasofen; Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

If you are an Avenger fan, then you already know who Wanda Maximoff is. She is better known as the Scarlet Witch, who is a powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 


Despite having so many other popular superhero characters in the MCU, Scarlet Witch managed to steal the show. Her popularity skyrocketed to the point where she got her TV series, WandaVision. 


The first season of WandaVision proved to be a great success. Fans were also impressed to see her Scarlet Witch costume in the series.


Since Scarlet Witch is a popular choice in the cosplay community, many cosplayers want to copy the Scarlet Witch look in WandaVision. Her costume includes a crimson crown, gloves, tops, blank pants, armor, and a shiny silver belt.


If you want to copy the look of Scarlet Witch in WandaVision, then we have laid down the details below.


  • Top: The crimson top is made of artificial leather or polyester fabric. It features defined patterns running down from the neck to the bottom. The top has a front slit with a round neck with cut-out patterns. 


  • Pants: To create the perfect contrast with the crimson top, the pants are black. Few straight lines are running down the waist on the front part of the pants. 


  • Belt/buckle: You also need a silver coloured belt or buckle to complete wear with the top and black pants. These are the small details that matter the most.


  • Gloves: Next comes the gloves which make an important part of the costume. You need full-sleeve gloves of crimson colour to match your top.


  • Crown: The crown of the helmet should be made of the same material as the other clothing material. Also, it should fit perfectly on your forehead.


  • Cloak: You will also need a crimson coloured cloak to complete the look. The cloak should be as long as your height so that it helps you create the perfect Scarlet Witch look.


  • Boots: Lastly, you need black knee-high boots to wear with the entire costume. With this, you can complete your Scarlet Witch cosplay.

Tips: The above tips are some guides to help you cosplay. If you need a complete set of cosplay costumes, you can also choose to click here to observe the wanda costume we provide.


  • 2021 Black Widow Movie: Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova

Black Widow Natasha Romanoff Cosplay by nic_the_pixie 

Cosplay by nic_the_pixie; Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

There is hardly anyone who is not familiar with the Marvel character Natasha Romanov aka. Black Widow. She is one of the major characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

She is a talented spy and assassin and is one of the original members of Avengers. Like other superheroes, she doesn’t have any special powers, but she is a master of martial arts. Besides that, she is also very skilled in using weapons.


Black Widow is so popular that she has got her title movie. Another character from Black Widow that has got the attention of the audience is Yelena Belova. She is Natasha’s adopted sister. 


If you want to cosplay Black Widow or Yelena Belova, then follow the guide given below.

Black Widow


To dress up as Black Widow you need to get into a body-hugging catsuit. The details are as follows:


  • Black bodysuit: The black bodysuit is everything when it comes to dressing up as the Black Widow. It is made of artificial leather and has a body fitting design. However, you can get it in varying sizes.


  • Boots: Boots are also an important part of the Black Widow look. The boots should be the same black shade as the bodysuit. Make sure that the boots are lightweight and comfortable to wear so that you can walk and jump wearing them.


  • Blackleg holster with belt: The next important thing you need is a blackleg holster with a belt. This is where you will carry your handguns and other weapons.


  • Handgun prop: Lastly, you need a black handgun prop to create the perfect Black Widow cosplay.

Tips: The above tips are some guides to help you cosplay. If you need a complete set of cosplay costumes, you can also choose to click here to observe the black widow costumes we provide.


Yelena Belova

Black Widow Yelena Belova cosplay by mostlymegz 

Cosplay by mostlymegz; Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

Many of you are interested to cosplay Yelena Belova, who is the adopted sister of Natasha Romanov. Dressing up as Yelena Belova becomes easier if you have all of the required things. This includes:


  • White jumpsuit: You need a complete white jumpsuit made of waterproof fabric. It can also be made of artificial leather. The white jumpsuit is the most important part of this cosplay.


  • Vest: You need an olive coloured vest to wear on top of your white jumpsuit. The vest should fit you perfectly and enhance your figure.


  • Elbow/shoulder pads: You also need elbow and shoulder pads to complete the look. Both types of padding should be white.


  • Gloves: You need black gloves that should rise to your wrist. The gloves are also made of artificial leather as the jumpsuit.


  • Boots: The boots should be as white as the rest of your clothing material.


  • Belt and accessories: Lastly, you need a black belt and a leg holster to complete the Yelena Belova look.

Tips: The above tips are some guides to help you cosplay. If you need a complete set of cosplay costumes, you can also choose to click here to observe the black widow costumes we provide.


  • 2021 LOKI TV series: Loki and Sylvie (female Loki)

Sylvie Loki Cosplay Costume Variant of Loki Laufeyson Suit Top Level 

Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

Loki, the God of Mischief is yet another popular cosplay character among cosplayers. Apart from being a unique character, the costume of Loki has been anticipated by many styling enthusiasts. Some people also love the costume of female Loki, Sylvie. If you want to dress up as Loki or Sylvie, then you should refer to the guide given below.


Loki’s costume stands out because of his helmet. The iconic helmet is hard to resist for serious cosplayers.


  • Khaki jacket: Loki’s variant jacket makes an important part of the entire cosplay. The khaki coloured jacket is what makes Loki look stunning and stunning. To look as good as the God of Mischief you need to own a khaki jacket. It is preferably made of cotton with a soft fabric lining on the inside.


  • Helmet: Without Loki’s helmet or headgear you simply cannot complete this cosplay. The helmet is made of PVC material and is lightweight. It is an important prop to display Loki cosplay.


Sylvie (female Loki)


Fans are also mesmerised by the looks of female Loki. If you are interested to dress up as a female Loki this Halloween, then you should take the help of this guide below.


  • Jacket: The first thing you need is a jacket which should be black. The ones that you get online are made of PU leather or cotton. Make sure that the jacket fits you perfectly. What we mean is that it should give you a fitted look just like the character in the series.


  • Cloak: The next thing you need is a green coloured cloak. For female Loki, you don’t need a long cloak. The cloak should reach your lower waist.


  • Vest: You need a black coloured vest to complete the look. Once again the vest should have a nice fitting and shouldn’t be loose. It is usually made of the same material as the jacket.


  • Belt: With the help of a belt you can put your vest and skirt together. But if you want you can go without a belt as well.


  • Helmet: The iconic helmet is a must for the female Loki cosplay. Look for the ones that are made with high-quality PVC material. Also, it shouldn’t be too heavy to wear.

Tips: The above tips are some guides to help you cosplay. If you need a complete set of cosplay costumes, you can also choose to click here to observe the Loki cosplay costumes we provide.


  • Spider-man No Way Home Movie: Spider-man New Suit Cosplay

Spider-Man No Way Home Cosplay Costume Peter Parker New Suit

Click here to see this costume at simcosplay

From kids to adults, Spiderman is everyone’s favourite. If you want to dress up as the friendly, neighbourhood Spiderman this Halloween, then we have got you covered. Here are things you need to cosplay the Spiderman look:


  • The spider suit: The first thing you need is the Spiderman suit with webbed patterns and the Spiderman logo on the chest. This is the most important piece of clothing in this cosplay. Look for a Spiderman suit that is made of stretchable fabric, so you can fit in it easily.


  • Face mask: The next important thing you need is a webbed face mask to cover your entire face and head. But make sure that the mask is breathable; otherwise, you will feel extreme discomfort.


  • Web shooters: If you want to take your Spiderman cosplay to the next level, then you should get the web-shooters as well. This will help you to bring your Spiderman cosplay to live-action.

Tips: The above tips are some guides to help you cosplay. If you need a complete set of cosplay costumes, you can also choose to click here to observe the spiderman cosplay costumes we provide.

This year we ushered in many excellent films and TV series. Due to space reasons, we may not be able to list them all here. If the above cosplay guide cannot help you, you can also try the currently very popular harley quinn cosplay costumes. Halloween is just around the corner and you should be ready with your costumes. It’s the perfect occasion to showcase your superhero cosplay costume. You can take inspiration from the cosplay ideas we shared in this post.

The Suicide Squad 2 Harley Quinn Cosplay by samsyndulla

Cosplay By samsyndulla; Click here to see more costumes.

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